Why Every Company Should Include Maternity Coaching

Asking a woman to choose between motherhood and her successful career is a classic example of Hobson’s choice. In today’s age, a large number of women are making a second comeback in their career, due to the woman-friendly policies at their workplace and support system at home. You can avail maternity feminine coaching from professionals and learn how to balance work and life after motherhood. For more details on women’s health and fitness topics, visit www.healthguidance.org and educate yourself.

Meaning Of Maternity Coaching
The mission of maternity coaching is to ease the experience of returning to work post motherhood. A coach partners with companies and helps interested employees in making a career comeback. Your coach will teach you how to cope with daily challenges and they empower you to enjoy the joys of motherhood.

Balancing one’s career and personal life has always been a struggle and sadly, several women terminate their career after their pregnancy. When asked to choose between their career and their new-born, majority of the women chose the latter. This presents a new challenge for employers who prefer retention of talent and employees who wish to carve a niche for themselves.

Role Of A Maternity Coach
Maternity coaches are hired by organizations with the sole purpose of empowering and helping you realize your contributions as a parent and a working professional. Look at this as a win-win situation where the company and the employee benefit from the program.

From the organization’s perspective, there is no requirement to hire fresh talent while you have a peace of mind in knowing that you can go back to work after your maternity leave. Coaches listen to you and help you announce your pregnancy, charts a plan to manage your workload, help you retain your brand, and plan your second innings.

This does not stop here. You will learn how to negotiate salary with your officials, start conversations with your boss, and craft a request for flexible work options if your workplace provides an option. They will familiarize you with the gender biases at work and motivate you to propel ahead with confidence.

This comes as a huge relief for companies who suffer from job attrition and loss of talent that is estimated between two or three times the total salary of the employee. While women and men join the workforce at the same time, it is found that women who are on a maternity break leave the workforce after they have children. This is surely a convincing argument for firms and business establishments to be proactive in retaining female employees.

It also boosts the company’s reputation for being a flexible and woman-friendly employer and goes a long way in attracting talent.

Provides Emotional Support
Balancing motherhood and career can seem overwhelming at times. Just when you are watching your baby nod to sleep, you have to attend a client meeting, causing you to burn out. This is where a maternity coach plays a role in helping you plan your ideal working hours and instills confidence in your ability to juggle between a doting mother and a sharp businesswoman.

Strengthens Work-Life Balance
Maternity coaching helps in employee retention and promotions. Discuss your life goals and how you plan to establish yourself by creating a unique plan. You develop new skills, improve your leadership abilities and find new ways to resolve conflicts.