The Role Of A Dental Assistant

A dental assistant is a person who acts as a link between the doctor and the patient. The role of the dental assistant starts before the treatment and ends after the treatment. For becoming a dental assistant, the person should have some strong points which make them as a perfect assistant. Without a dental assistant, a dentist can never complete the work on time. At First Point Recruitment, a dental assistant is carefully analyzed before giving them a doctor’s reference. At, It is clearly mentioned that the dental staff should be able to perform the duty for any given situation and a dental assistant should try to increase their knowledge by getting a continuous education from each dental case. There are a lot of responsibilities that need to be fulfilled by a dental assistant which varies according to the situations. Given below are a few of those responsibilities which a dental assistant should perform.

The duty of the dental assistant starts when you get a phone call from the patient. You as a dental assistant should collect all the information and give the appointment scheduled to the patient. After that, you will have to keep the chart ready for the doctor to see the appointments for the day. The treatment room should be arranged according to each treatment plan. All the equipment such as air/water syringe, high volume evacuator, etc. should be made available so that the doctor need not have to waste time searching for this equipment. It is necessary to clean the room after every treatment so that the room can appear presentable and also very well maintained. Because the dental clinic is a health service center, it is most important that you adhere to all the cleaning policy.

When the patient arrives for the treatment, inform them if there are any changes in the schedule. It is your responsibility to make the patient comfortable when they come to the clinic. You can check the medical history of the patient or check the blood pressure in the meantime. If the patient needs to do any test before the dental treatment as advised by the dentist, ask them to complete the test and give you the results. It is important that you get the complete medical history of the patient so that you can bring that to the notice of the doctor before the treatment starts.

When the treatment is completed, help the patient to wipe the face or help them look presentable. Handover the telephone number to the patient, if in case an emergency situation occurs after the treatment. The next step would be discussing with the doctor to prepare the next day’s work and chart it accordingly so that you don’t miss any patients. It is important to keep each patient record separately and maintain confidentiality. Never leave the patient records unattended. When you have to reschedule an appointment, take the permission of the doctor and call the patient to inform them about the change in the schedule.

A dental assistant is the first point of contact when a person calls to fix an appointment. The doctors and the patients need the help of the dental assistant for the smooth closure of treatment. A good reputation can be made only when the doctors perform well with the help of a perfect dental assistant.

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